Authentic luxury living

Located in one of the most unspoiled and breathtaking landscapes in the Tbilisi suburbs Orbeti Resort is just only 30 minutes’ driveway from Vake Park.

Set on a verdant hillside in an enchanting forest side location, this beautifully landscaped resort retreat features an exceptional range of family homes with majestic views, private gardens, swimming pool, spa, restaurant and specially designed recreational sites. Residents can unwind at the spa, relax at the pool, walk in forest or simply enjoy the fine dining options and gourmet cuisine of the resort restaurant.

Orbeti Resort offers a perfect balance between leisure and investment: a collection of authentic, income-generating 3 bedroom homes for private ownership, starting just 20 meters from the oak forest and featuring unobstructed epic views for life

Facts & Highlights

1300m above sea level

Cristal clear air

25 km from Vake park

Surrounded by 100ha oak and pine forest

Private homes from 355 000 Gel

Property purchase enhanced by a mandatory rental agreement

Unobstructed epic views for life

Combination of leisure and investment

Complete range of services

Privileged access to resort facilities

Peace of mind, sustainable lifestyle

Resort Homes
Pool Club
Living In Orbeti