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Experienced security personnel and electronic systems keep the entire Orbeti Resort area safe 24 hours a day, all year round. Security staff stationed at the main gate will monitor the entry and exit of guests, residents and visitors and prevent access by uninvited individuals.

Property Rental

A specialized property rental team will focus on maximizing investment income by maintaining high levels of rental occupancy rates with desirable tenants whenever owners are not using the villa.

Landscape and Gardening

From the preliminary design stage, through installation and maintenance, a team of landscape architects and professional gardeners will provide complete year-round landscaping and gardening services.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning service and arrangements for waste removal. Experienced technicians will respond immediately to any technical problems and perform all necessary repairs to restore the proper functioning of a villa’s equipment and utilities.

Maid Service

Professional maids will perform all housekeeping services according to the specific requirements of each owner.

Pool Maintenance

From water balancing to routine maintenance checks and other upkeep necessities, professional technicians will ensure a perfect operational condition of all swimming pools.